2006 Vivian Jong on STMS English

  • Posted on: 10 February 2006
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Vivian Jong
(Faith Methodist Church)
26th January 2006

Calling to go...
I heard about this course from my youth advisor, Aunty Michelle, she encouraged me to join. I was in fact having a lot of holiday plans in mind after my Form 6. I was reluctant to join and was giving a lot of excuses. For example, there are a lot of things to bring, worry to be a loner and etc. It reminds me of how I try to avoid God’s calling like Moses. But God works in very amazing ways that everything was well planned and I just have to pack and go out of my comfort zone.


2006 Hwai Ang MC CNY Visit | 怀安堂华人新年拜访

  • Posted on: 19 January 2006
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Pastors and leaders from Hwai Ang Methodist Church, led by Rev. Francis Wong King Sing, visited us on 18 January 2006 to share with us the joy of Chinese New Year.


卫神诗班:我在这里 | MTS Choir: Here Am I

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Lyrics/Music: Nolan Williams
作词/作曲:Nolan Williams

1. God has no hands but those that strive to mend. The broken hearts of wounded kin, God has no feet but those that stride to win. Another soul to enter in!
2. God has no eyes but those alert to see. Someone distressed, some soul in need, God has no voice unless we yield to be. A vessel willed to boldly sing!
3. God's call is now for us to build and keep. The living Church, Christ's Bride to be. So we must work the work and sow the seeds. And trust God's promises to reap!


2006 China Hokkien Nanping Church Visits | 中国福建省南平市基督教会拜访

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The China Hokkien Nanping Church visited us on 7 January 2006 (Saturday) as one stop of their East Malaysia visitation trip.